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The Sky Has Fallen. Oh wait. Actually no it hasn’t. Well, maybe for some folks. And it’s about time.

One of the most interesting things to come out of the DOMA decision this week has been seeing how various factions of Christianity have been handling the spanking they got at the belts of the Supreme Court of the United … Continue reading

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Truth vs. Objective Veracity.

I’ve been hinting about this topic for a while now, but I think this is a good time to open up why I see “truth” and “objective veracity” to be different things and why I think religion should quit trying … Continue reading

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The Myth of Christian Persecution.

A few days ago I caught this interview by Samantha Bee of a Christian named Matt Slick. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d seen in a long time. The interview was about how tough it is to be … Continue reading

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Learning to Fly.

Ever known anybody who had a really tough time with trying anything new? I sure did. This one ex-boyfriend I had once was just terrified of trying new foods. Anything he ate had to be vetted well ahead of time, … Continue reading

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Clan of the Cave Jesus.

We hold the wisdom of the ages. We are the keepers of morality. We know how to best live. Outsiders can join if they’re sincere enough, but we don’t accept just anybody. We have secret rituals that all of us … Continue reading

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Superhero Jesus.

(Trigger warning: Mistreatment of a child.) We’re going to start by backing up a little in time. Okay, by a “little” I mean 40 years-ish, but what’s a few decades between friends? After my mother remarried a serviceman when I … Continue reading

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Stop the Presses: Exeunt Exodus (and good riddance)

Out of every other crime against humanity that a big swathe of Christianity has committed, and let me be clear here when I say that it’s committed quite a few, I’ve got to say that its war against non-straight people … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Guide to Ex-Christians: Your Testimonies Don’t Really Matter to Us.

(Before we get started, a bit of housekeeping–one of those Breatharians I mentioned a few posts ago decided to stop trying to photosynthesize and go back to semi-normal food. I’m sure we’re all shocked, given that her decision to starve … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Life (with Narcissism).

The other day I got to watch a Christian speak with wide-eyed breathless earnestness about how he’d figured out how to follow Jesus in as Biblical a way as possible. Not stated but clearly implied was that everybody in the … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad the Christian God Isn’t My Father.

Well, that’s not too inflammatory of a title, is it? But it’s true. I’m glad he isn’t. And here is why. When I was a Christian, I thought of my god as my father–a far better one than the one … Continue reading

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