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When A Person is a Better God Than “God.”

The Sims 3 (TS3) is dying. Long live the Sims! If you play simulation games, you likely know that the Sims 4 is coming out in a few all-too-short months, so the Sims 3 is starting to wind down. The … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Guide to Ex-Christians: Please Quit Threatening People.

You’d think that the proselytization process for a “god of love” and a “prince of peace” would involve, I don’t know, sharing good news about his easy yoke and light burden or something. Maybe sumpin-sumpin about all the miracles his … Continue reading

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Non-Toxic Christian Grab Bag.

I keep up with Christian news, obviously. I’d be foolish not to do so, considering the religion’s excessive overreach into my country’s (MURKKKA!) politics and culture. Most of the Christian blogosphere is depressingly cruel, arrogant, controlling, condemning, and privilege-enforcing. But … Continue reading

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The Demons of Psychiatry (Don’t Exist).

Do y’all remember that anecdote I told you about Marf and Bebo and the van? There was a special reason why Marf was so happy that night of the revival. You see, she had been delivered of a demon of … Continue reading

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Tipping Point.

I heard today that some restaurants are ending the tipping practice in favor of paying full-time real wages to their staff, and it made me think of my old Christian peers and how happy they undoubtedly are to get that … Continue reading

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Papal Infallibility.

This whole thing coming out of Rome is just astonishing, isn’t it? I’m wondering now just how much of the current Pope’s activities were expected by the crusty old cardinals who elected him. He’s done such a 180 since he … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Guide to Ex-Christians: Hoping We’re Wrong.

Excellent dialogue earlier, folks, by the way, I want to say again. I mean this: you are the best comment gang on the internet. I appreciate you all so much. Wonderful, wonderful job keeping things civil and productive. I had … Continue reading

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Hey Christians, let’s make a deal — or not.

Aren’t atheists just the worst? Jeez, aren’t non-Christians all just so totes over all this bickering and fighting? Why can’t we all just give it a rest and talk about “the truth”? Rachel Held Evans is sick of non-Christians (who … Continue reading

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Changing Faces.

Housekeeping post ahead — I saw something that really bugged me yesterday. Remember that Kim Hall “FYI” thing I talked about the other day? Well, while I was reading this way cool response to it (yes, it’s the HuffPo piece; … Continue reading

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Raylan Alleman is a Creepy, Weird Bastard.

I’m not intentionally making this into a feminist blog, but holy cow, stuff keeps happening. Remember what I was saying about zucchini? The Religious Right is like the zucchini of the “religious news that deserves mockery” garden. I don’t normally … Continue reading

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