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Modest is Nottest.

(Content note: Misogyny, body policing, discussion of Rape Culture.) Today we’re going to talk about why a false modesty drive is just one of the last salvos that fundagelical culture is firing in their vain attempt to grab back control … Continue reading

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Horses are Bastards.

This story is about how I learned to ford a river and finally came to some truths about my old religious indoctrination–and finally figured out that horses are bastards. This was oh, about twelve years ago. I’d just moved to … Continue reading

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The Dirk Gently Method of Navigation.

This is a short story about getting lost and found again. A long time ago, I was driving through Omaha, Nebraska (as opposed to Omaha, Colorado, I guess) for the very first time. I was trying to find a particular … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Feel Like I Dodged a Hail of Bullets.

I’m reading this piece about IHOP and feeling a shiver go down my spine every few paragraphs. I want to share how it feels to be an ex-fundamentalist reading about a fundamentalist cult gone horribly wrong. IHOP in this context … Continue reading

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When Facts Don’t Sway, the Rape Threats Come Out.

(Content Notice: Talk of rape and assault. Also, yes, I slightly edited the title because I thought it sounded flippant in retrospect.) A bunch of seemingly unrelated scandals and gaffes broke out in the Christian community around rape this week. … Continue reading

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Birthing Pains.

I wanted to talk about something kinda metaphysical today. See, sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling like the human race is struggling toward a rebirth. We’ve had these Golden Ages before now–times when humanity struggled toward some new understanding and … Continue reading

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Intersectionality: Let’s You and Him Fight; I’ll Hold Your Coat.

Today I want to talk briefly (no, really) about this idea you might hear me talking about sometimes, intersectionality, and what it means to me as a person and why I think it’s important. We’ve talked here before about this … Continue reading

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