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And I Still Belong To Me.

A new friend of mine wrote a blog post at Ex-Communications about Christianity’s massive blind spot about consent–and all Hell broke loose about one line in it. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2014.

It’s a good thing to reflect on our past year and to consider the coming year, and the late autumn is a good time to do that. Something about this crisp, clear weather makes the celebration of our relationships and families feel natural and inevitable. Even a humble meal–which is what today will be, for various reasons–becomes elevated when prepared and eaten with mindfulness. Continue reading

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The Real Reason for the Season.

We’ve been talking lately about Kirk Cameron’s horrible new movie, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, and I wanted to touch on something I’ve been noticing all too often in toxic Christianity: this propensity toward coming up with tons of justifications for … Continue reading

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RR Link Love: JAQing Off.

JAQing off – my newest Recovering from Religion post about how to identify and deal with Christians asking insincere “zinger” questions they don’t really want (or even expect) answered. (And links also to lots of other RR posts this week!) Continue reading

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(Not) His Personal Army.

Sometimes it feels like it’s just too easy to run a blog that pokes fun at religion, but here we are. Kirk Cameron recently released a terrible, awful movie called Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, and no, I have no idea … Continue reading

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If I Can Do It, So Can You. Right?

Here’s the latest post I’ve done for Recovering from Religion: So Much For Never Getting More Than You Can Handle. I’ve talked before about this incident, but I think it was time to revisit it and talk a little more … Continue reading

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When Is It Wrong? (Never.)

Hi, y’all! Are you getting ready for my favorite holiday of the entire year? We will be having an open recipe thread on Turkey Day, so feel free to hang out with us and share any recipes you especially love … Continue reading

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