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The Handbook: Knowing What a Claim Looks Like.

There is a book. The book details everything people need to know. Everything. But especially it tells us about The Place. It tells us where The Place is. Who gets to go there. Who the owner decides to invite. Where … Continue reading

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The Handbook: It. Gets. Better.

It starts, for many of us, with a crystal-clear OHMYGOSH moment where we suddenly see something that simply will never be unseen. A light shines in a dark corner for the first time, and we see what lurks there and can never forget or even ignore it. Exactly what that light illuminates varies by the person, but that’s what it feels like. Suddenly something we thought for maybe our whole lives turns out to maybe be not quite what we thought it was. Continue reading

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The Real Reason For the “War on Christmas.”

Merry Christmas and welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Today I want to talk briefly about this really interesting piece I saw about the annual “War on Christmas” that Fox News (Faux Noise?) trumpets and bleats about with … Continue reading

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It’s Everybody’s Holiday. (And link love.)

I’ve always loved Christmas. This time of year in general is an important one for me–almost everybody in my family has birthdays in the three months of winter, and most of the anniversaries happen around then as well–and most of the important deaths (“light a candle for me every year,” she asked, and I always do, always, always). So I want to talk about Christmas today, and at the end there’ll be some link love to some posts written elsewhere by me and other folks in case you need something to keep you busy. Continue reading

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Joyce Meyer and The Double Standards of Christian Derpitude.

We’ve talked about Joyce Meyer before in this space. She’s an easy target, low-hanging fruit, even a piñata, so to speak. She’s a shrewd businesswoman who knows her target audience and panders to that audience shamefully and completely. I can’t even really blame her for finding her niche and tailoring her approach to it as well as she has; if it weren’t her, then it’d be someone else there in her place.

And who is that audience? Middle-aged Christian women who just want to feel a little assurance that they’re doing the right thing, women who believe that their faith will be rewarded if they comply and who need reassurance that that reward is still in the offing. Continue reading

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Moral Failings.

I saw this image recently (h/t Godless in Dixie) and it just about made me do a spit-take: “It was good for the Israelites to slaughter the Canaanite children for two reasons: 1) God wanted it, and 2) If they … Continue reading

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Defining Moments: Lying for Jesus, Library Edition.

When Christians sneak tracts into the the hands of someone they know wouldn’t welcome it, that is the Christian equivalent of catcalling and harassing women on street corners. Continue reading

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Human Dignity Flutters Free, Again.

(Content note: Religious extremism and terrorism.) It was such an ugly, ugly story–and all the uglier for being so painfully familiar. A Muslim radical, newly arrived to Australia, took the most effective tool of communication he had–a gun–into a nice … Continue reading

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How the Purity Myth Destroys Lives.

(Content Note: Discussion of sex and pornography, and also some NSFW links.) We’ve talked about the Purity Myth off and on here, and even knowing what I know about it I still get completely blindsided sometimes by the dramatic examples … Continue reading

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When Christianity Became About the Opposite of Social Justice.

When someone is convinced that the end of the world is coming, that person isn’t exactly going to care what his or her credit rating looks like, so to speak. I personally knew people who didn’t want to take care of their own bodies because they were so sure that they’d just be Raptured before they got old. I’ve met other ex-Christians who told me that their parents didn’t want to teach them to drive or take sex education because they were so sure that they and the end of the world would happen well before the kids became old enough to hit their teens. I’ve seen “Rapture ready” type websites that actually advised readers to take out as much credit card debt as they possibly could in advance of apocalyptic predictions. And we’ve heard countless Republicans in the Jesus Party claim that the reason they fight against legislation meant to reverse climate change is that Jesus is coming back anyway, so why bother with it all when he’s just going to destroy the planet in the last battle? Continue reading

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