This is it. The last day at WordPress. I feel like I’m walking through an emptied house, making sure all the closets are cleared out before getting behind the wheel of the car for that last drive away.

The move to Patheos is almost complete, so this is a short note here to say that I’m going to take a day off from blogging (I KNOW, RIGHT) and give y’all time to locate, re-bookmark, and start hanging out on the new site, link right here, you betcha. We’re still ironing out the tabs and banner heading and whatnot but I want to get started.

I can’t say enough how excited I am about this move. Patheos has always been a favorite catch-all site for me for the conversation it hosts about all facets of religion, humanism, and freethinking, and I’m thrilled to be asked to join that conversation and add to it.

I really hope that y’all will follow me there. I know Disqus can seem kind of persnickety sometimes, but I’m going to be running with the same commenting rules and expectations there that I do here. I really hope we can maintain the community we’ve built up here–together–over the last couple of years.

When I look back at those first few panicky, uncertain days of this blog’s life, I am struck by how far we’ve come and how amazing a ride and journey it has been, and you–yes, you, you reading, right there, I can see you through your computer’s microphone holes*–have a lot to do with that amazing journey.


See y’all at the new site on Tuesday!

Reminder linkity link link: Roll to Disbelieve

Dice rolling.

Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep them dogies rollin… (Credit: “The 19th Comes from above,” by fady habib, Flickr, CC license.)


* When I worked in computer tech support for a major computer hardware company, I was downright shocked at how often consumers called in saying stuff like that. I should probably write a post about it sometime. Seriously, I’ve got an embarrassment of riches as it is for post ideas; you should see my drafts folder. It’s probably almost as bad as The Apostate’s.

About Captain Cassidy

I blog over at Roll to Disbelieve about religion, culture, cats, and tabletop RPGs.
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6 Responses to Moving Day: ALLEZ CUISINE!

  1. The Eh'theist says:

    Gonna French nerd it for a moment and point out “Cuisinez!” is grammatically correct.

    Then I’m going to wish you a painless move with no (or few) broken items. Looking forward to seeing you all moved in.

    Vaya sin dios!


  2. wayofcats says:

    I’m so happy for you! I also love many bloggers at Patheos, and think you are a stellar addition.

    There are as many facets to the non-religious experience as there are religious ones. And they get much less coverage. The Democracy of the Web is showing off people’s true interests, not the enforced emphasis that made everyone think the same way. It’s marvelous!



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