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We’re moving to Patheos, and here is the new URL! Continue reading

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Moving Day is Coming: To the Lee of the Stone!

Good news, everyone! Most of y’all know I’ve been helping the Recovering from Religion group with their Patheos blog, Ex-Communications, for about the last six months. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed helping them in such … Continue reading

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RR Link Love: JAQing Off.

JAQing off – my newest Recovering from Religion post about how to identify and deal with Christians asking insincere “zinger” questions they don’t really want (or even expect) answered. (And links also to lots of other RR posts this week!) Continue reading

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Radio Interview Link and Patheos News!

Cassidy gives the link to her radio interview and unveils her new contributing gig with Patheos. Continue reading

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Interlude: Welcome to Our Party!

Happy One-Year Anniversary! Dang, where did all the time go? I still remember how nervous I was when I minted this blog and how wild-eyed I got the first time someone linked me to RationalWiki–and how overwhelmed I felt by … Continue reading

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Interlude: On Being Afraid, Anniversary Edition.

I’ve been noticing some folks around the internet talking about their looming or newly-discovered deconversions and I wanted to direct a post to them as we approach the one-year anniversary of this blog. I’m super-bad at dates, or I’d have … Continue reading

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A Quick Little Housekeeping Post

Housekeeping stuff– * For some reason a slew of feedback comments just came in. Some of them are a few days old. I’ve got no idea why I didn’t see them before here or in my email, but I think … Continue reading

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