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The Handbook: Unlearning a Rather Distorted Narcissism.

It’s a seductive storyline. I can’t deny that. It’s powerfully alluring. Just imagine: You’re the klutzy, totally undeserving, inexperienced, vastly underpowered childlike person who catches the eye of some huge, unthinkably powerful, completely in-control and self-possessed being whose monstrous will … Continue reading

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The Handbook: Understanding the Straw Man.

Christians are very, very fond of telling everybody who’ll listen that they just love non-believers. Oh my, they just love us to death. But if they keep talking, a curious thing happens: they show us exactly what they’re really thinking. Continue reading

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The Handbook: Circular Arguments.

I’ve compared the efforts of Christian apologists to watching a Roomba repeatedly hit a wall, and nowhere do we see that analogy in action better than with a circular argument. That was one of the early topics I tackled here here on this blog like a year and a half ago, but I want to discuss circular arguments because since then I’ve noticed even more that Christians like circular arguments–almost as much as this tuxedo cat likes riding its Roomba. Continue reading

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A Response to the Response to Ryan Bell.

We’re coming back to the Handbook for the Recently Deconverted shortly, but I saw this today and it just cried out for examination. Ryan Bell is a Seventh-Day Adventist minister who decided to go one year as a functional atheist. … Continue reading

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The Handbook: It. Gets. Better.

It starts, for many of us, with a crystal-clear OHMYGOSH moment where we suddenly see something that simply will never be unseen. A light shines in a dark corner for the first time, and we see what lurks there and can never forget or even ignore it. Exactly what that light illuminates varies by the person, but that’s what it feels like. Suddenly something we thought for maybe our whole lives turns out to maybe be not quite what we thought it was. Continue reading

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It’s Everybody’s Holiday. (And link love.)

I’ve always loved Christmas. This time of year in general is an important one for me–almost everybody in my family has birthdays in the three months of winter, and most of the anniversaries happen around then as well–and most of the important deaths (“light a candle for me every year,” she asked, and I always do, always, always). So I want to talk about Christmas today, and at the end there’ll be some link love to some posts written elsewhere by me and other folks in case you need something to keep you busy. Continue reading

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RR Link Love: JAQing Off.

JAQing off – my newest Recovering from Religion post about how to identify and deal with Christians asking insincere “zinger” questions they don’t really want (or even expect) answered. (And links also to lots of other RR posts this week!) Continue reading

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