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Faking It.

The young man had a shaved-bald head and oxygen lines around his nose, and apparently was suffering a serious form of terrifyingly aggressive cancer–but the well-fed 20something was still managing to belt out Christian worship music at the top of … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild, and Some Very Great News!

I’m very glad that I was in and out of Christianity before this current rush to sterilize everything fun and desirable. My Halloweens were wild, fun, even dangerous at times. Continue reading

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Update on that Macklemore Grammys Story I Posted–

I didn’t feel like updating the story I did about the Grammys yet again (hopefully the link works this time), but two more things about it that I thought were interesting and might be of interest to y’all as well: … Continue reading

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Why is Christian Media So Awful?

I’m going to confess right now that I’m a bit of a music virgin. But I have an excuse. When I was 16, remember, I converted from Catholicism to the Southern Baptist Convention, and a few months later to Pentecostalism. … Continue reading

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