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The Handbook: Learning to Move Past Religious Narcissism.

We recently added another line to that cosmic address–did you notice? After “Virgo supercluster,” we now have Laniakea, a galactic supercluster that comprises Virgo and some other local superclusters. Scientists have figured out how to tell what galaxies and groups are part of our galactic supercluster, and in addition and almost as importantly, they finally have a model of it that fits predictions and equations both. And that discovery has spoken to me on a very fundamental level. Continue reading

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Faith in Humanity: Sowing Discord (and Harvesting Love).

As my country lurches toward the one day in the year when we are specifically thankful for stuff, I wanted to spend some extra time talking about stuff that makes me happy to be alive and part of the human … Continue reading

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Faith In Humanity (We’re Gonna Be All Right).

Summer, 1995: It took me a minute as I woke up on the bus to realize that I was being spoken to by a stranger. I blinked back sleep, terror, bad dreams, cold, loneliness, and everything else and looked up … Continue reading

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Faith in Humanity: Restored.

Ready to see your faith in humanity get restored? Then strap in–we’re setting the Wayback Machine to 1993. Once upon a time in Houston, a huge entertainment complex called the Exhilarama opened up at a large mall. I’m going to … Continue reading

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