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We’re moving to Patheos, and here is the new URL! Continue reading

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Moving Day is Coming: To the Lee of the Stone!

Good news, everyone! Most of y’all know I’ve been helping the Recovering from Religion group with their Patheos blog, Ex-Communications, for about the last six months. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed helping them in such … Continue reading

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The Handbook: It. Gets. Better.

It starts, for many of us, with a crystal-clear OHMYGOSH moment where we suddenly see something that simply will never be unseen. A light shines in a dark corner for the first time, and we see what lurks there and can never forget or even ignore it. Exactly what that light illuminates varies by the person, but that’s what it feels like. Suddenly something we thought for maybe our whole lives turns out to maybe be not quite what we thought it was. Continue reading

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Radio Interview Link and Patheos News!

Cassidy gives the link to her radio interview and unveils her new contributing gig with Patheos. Continue reading

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More Good News: You’re Free.

Welcome back! Wow, that was a FUN interview with the Minnesota Atheists. I’ll link y’all to the archived podcast once it’s available, don’t worry. You know I always link you up because I like you! For now, I’ve got some … Continue reading

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Birthing Pains.

I wanted to talk about something kinda metaphysical today. See, sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling like the human race is struggling toward a rebirth. We’ve had these Golden Ages before now–times when humanity struggled toward some new understanding and … Continue reading

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That Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

A few days ago, I was watching a Christopher Hitchens video in which he was asked by a Christian why he spoke out like he did against Christianity’s overreach, and I realized that people who are markedly vocal non-believers get … Continue reading

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